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Category : Glass Room
* 8mm Toughened Glass
* Fixed Glass with Aluminium Frames
* Sliding Glass
* Lockable Option

Bring the outside into your house with the luxurious Alfresco system, stay outside longer in all types of weather, enjoy your garden more and appreciate the fresh outdoor feel all year round.

Fully enclose our Alfresco glass veranda to give you that complete protection from the elements. With our aluminium framing system and 8mm toughened, lockable and polished glass doors you can be assured of a system that will last for many years to come. Not only elegant but cost effective complete cover from the weather.

Creating a fully enclosed glass room means you will be able to enjoy natural light and that outdoor feel for the majority of the year in a comfortable and inviting environment. Adding heating and lighting will extend the use of your glass room throughout the winter months making the most of any sunshine, regardless of the outside temperature.

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