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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions on our Verandas, Glass Rooms, Canopies, Carports and Awnings. Questions include, but are not limited to, ongoing maintenance, installation, guarantees & finance. These FAQ’s are added to on a continuous basis so please bookmark and re-visit often.

Question: Will I need planning permission for a Carport, Veranda or Glass Room?

In most cases planning permission is not required for any of our products although there are some exceptions. If in doubt contact us and we will advise as appropriate.

Question: What is the minimum and maximum pitch of the roof for Verandas & Glass Rooms?

Subject to suitability and roofing material specified (Glass, Polycarbonate or Fabric) we have structures which are designed with as little as 3° and some with a maximum pitch, in extremis, of 45°. Generally, between 5° and 10° will be suitable for most projects.

For the pitch to mirror the adjacent building's roofline, the pitch on the veranda shown below was configured to 21°.

Veranda with Roof Blind Closed

Question: What options are there for the roof panels?

Roof panel options include Glass, Polycarbonate or Fully Waterproof Fabric (Genus retractable veranda). The most suitable material for your project would likely be determined by proposed use, preference and budget. On survey, we will bring samples and be happy to discuss the pro's and con's.

Question: What colours can I choose from?

Because of their bespoke nature, we are able to supply most of the products we offer in any RAL colour to match your existing colour scheme, although in some cases, there may be an additional charge. Popular colours such as White or Anthracite tend to be standard colours and depending on the product you choose, additional standard colour options are available. It is something we would discuss with you on survey.

Color Matching

Question: Is there VAT on your Systems?

Yes, at the standard rate - currently 20%. There are some exceptions, such as if one of our systems were being installed onto a 'New Build' during the construction process, in which case it would be VAT exempt.

Question: How are your Verandas, Carports and Glass Rooms fixed to the ground?

We very rarely surface mount our posts unless there are special circumstances to do so. We usually install posts in-ground at between 400mm to 600mm deep, dependant on the structure, and encase the posts with concrete to the same width as the depth.  We remove paving slabs / decking  as required and then 'make good' as shown below.

Patio Slabs After In-ground Install

Question: Is a Veranda, Glass Room or Carport a good investment?

Done properly, with good quality Veranda, Glass Room or Carport it will undoubtedly enhance the value of your house as it will make it more desirable.  More importantly, the additional pleasure you'll derive from being able to make more use of outside space, regardless of the weather, is priceless.

Question: What is the lead time from order to installation?

All our systems are bespoke and manufactured to your requirements and therefore a number of things are taken into account when estimating a date for installation: -

  • The system ordered
  • The complexity of the design
  • Special installation requirements / equipment

This is something that will be discussed with you on survey but as a rough guide, in most instances, 6 to 8 weeks.

Question: How do you measure the length and projection?

Measurements are metric and are shown in millimeters on our 'Request Quote' form. We class the length as the width of the canopy in relation to the building with the measurement from the building to the gutter section being the projection.

Question: What maintenance is required with your systems?

Our systems are designed to be virtually maintenance free apart from normal housekeeping. We recommend a warm soapy solution with a non-abrasive brush is used once every 6 months to keep your veranda looking new.