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Category : Patio Awnings
* Manual or Wireless Remote Control
* Adjustable Pitch Option
* Variable Valance Option
* Span widths to 7m

All awnings we supply are available with wind sensors and wireless remote control aoptions. The stylish awnings retract into compact cassettes when not in use. The neat designs ensure they are unobtrusive but can be easily and quickly extended to create shade during sunny weather or offer shelter from wind and rain. High quality designs ensure smooth and reliable operation of the chain-driven arms. We also ensure the fabric is stretched evenly by using special tensioning mechanisms. Our unique designs means our awnings are tightly rolled and completely protected inside the cassette. The fabric is bonded together with a modern hot glue technique using only the highest quality PUR-based reactive glue.

Optional extras include Adjustable Pitch Angle, Variable Front Valance and Wall Mounted Infra-Red Heating

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