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Five things to consider when choosing a Patio Awning

Five things you should consider when choosing an awning for your outside space. It goes without saying that you should get expert advice to discuss the options best suited to your particular project and your desired outcome.

  • Select a design that fits your and your home’s personality: Your garden is an extension of your home and it makes sense when selecting your patio awning that it is a continuum of your home and not a carbuncle attached to it! It should reflect your style and personality. Garden furniture, plant pots and landscaping should all be complementary. Our awnings are available in a wide range of fabrics to suit all tastes. Decide whether you want a straight modern or a traditional ‘café style’ scalloped front valence, or, none at all.
  • Shading Considerations: A consultation and full technical survey is essential to determine the right size and type of awning to achieve your objectives. When it comes to shading, size matters, both in terms of overall length and projection. Consideration will also need to be given to usage, for example, are you looking only to shade the room, do you plan to sit under it with table and chairs, do you need it to be fully waterproof or shower proof, which direction does the sun rise from, what, if any, obstructions are there to overcome for installation? The consultation and survey will ensure that you choose the right product for you particular circumstances.
  • Choose a self-cleaning fabric with anti-fade properties: All the fabrics we offer are shower-proof and made using state of the art technologies which include teflon coating plus special treatments for protection against UV rays and to prevent fading in manufacture. If you have a special requirement such as fire retardant or fully waterproof (generally for commercial use) fabric, we can accommodate those needs too.
  • Invest in modern technology: Our awnings come complete with robust wireless remote control systems as standard. Although optional, we recommend a vibration or wind sensor to protect your awning against high winds by automatically closing it if there is a danger of it getting damaged, particularly if you plan to leave it unattended whilst open. In addition, we are also able to offer sun and rain sensors which will automatically open and close your awning in response to different weather conditions.
  • Maximise the benefit you get from your awning: For many customers, an awning is an opportunity to extend their entertaining space into the garden
    regardless of the time of day and (within reason) weather. With that in mind, the addition of wireless remote controlled heating and lighting will allow you to enjoy your newly created outside space. We’ll be happy to discuss these options with you on consultation.