Cubola Pergola Awning with Freestanding Option

This luxurious awning can be installed either as a freestanding unit or attached to a wall. Furthermore, it is linkable on all four sides according to your particular requirements, thanks to its internal couplings.

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This Dutch Design has zero pitch yet can be partially lowered on one side in order to exclude dazzle from the rising or setting sun or to facilitate the discharge of rainwater (See Video). When closed, the cassette protects the fabric from the effects of weathering, while also retaining the Cubola’s aesthetic appearance. Furthermore, the Cubola can be fitted with side screens which serve as a windbreak and offer additional privacy.

The combination of the Cubola’s high quality aluminium sections with the optional Solidare Zip System ensure tight fabric render, very high wind-resistance (See Video) to make for a highly sustainable and sturdy exterior Sun Blind.

* Wireless Remote Control
* Robust Aluminium Construction
* Protection from Sun & Rain
* Endlessly Extendable
* Freestanding or Wall-Mounted unit
* Wind Tested to 126 kph (Solidare Option)

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