Case Study – Victorian Style Veranda, Suffolk

A quaint Victorian cottage in the midst of an idyllic Suffolk village had been beautifully restored by it’s discerning owner and was missing just one feature to complete it’s restoration, a veranda. In keeping with the sympathetic work done to date, it would need to be of a Victorian Style with glass roof. The brief was to match the colour of the windows, for it to have just two posts which didn’t impinge the view from the windows and that it’s width span be no less than 4500mm.

As a norm, with the width required, we would require three posts. This was not going to work for our client, especially, as the third post would be directly in front of the door. So we got a structural engineer involved to see what we could do to accommodate our client’s wishes or indeed, if it would be possible. After careful calculation, taking into account the projection and width, it was determined that providing we put additional specified strengthening into the front beam, we would then be able to inset the posts by 750mm to achieve our client’s goal. We are pleased to say that we were able to achieve this within budget and still keep to a sensible timescale for manufacture and installation.

  • Product: Victorian Style Veranda
  • Size: 4500mm Width x 2500mm Projection
  • Roof Panels: 6mm Toughened Safety Glass
  • Frame Colour: Special Order Colour (RAL 7044)
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