Bioclimatic Pergola for Business

In a restaurant, cafe or hotel environment the Bioclimatic Pergola with it’s rotating aluminium roof slats will add a touch of class to your terrace area. It will help you to create a sophisticated environment which can be fully utilised all year round with the addition of bi-fold or sliding glass panels.

Bioclimatic Pergola fully Enclosed with Glass Panels
Bioclimatic Pergola Anthracite with White Slats
Mountain Top Hotel Terrace with Bioclimatic Prgola Glassroom
Cafe with Bioclimatic Pergola plus Bi-Folds
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The additional covers that you will be able to accommodate will ensure that, not only will it be the talk of the town, but it will pay for itself within a relatively short space of time. Watch this video for some inspiration.

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