Bioclimatic Glass Room

With a Bioclimatic Glass Room you create it as an extra space to your property that perfectly overflows into your garden and have the benefit of opening the rotating aluminium roof slats on sunny days by rotating the roof slats . When its just too cold to sit in your garden, you can sit comfortable in your Glass Room and enjoy your garden. Sliding glass doors allow you to make your garden room virtually transparent on all sides giving an unfettered view of your garden.

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Bring the outside into your house with the luxurious Bioclimatic Glass Room, stay outside longer in all types of weather, enjoy your garden more and appreciate the fresh outdoor feel all year round. Creating a fully enclosed Bioclimatic Glass Room means you will be able to enjoy natural light and that outdoor feel for the majority of the year in a comfortable and inviting environment.

Adding heating and lighting will extend the use of your glass room throughout the winter months making the most of any sunshine, regardless of the outside temperature. If you’ve considered a conservatory, then this would make for a terrific alternative, will give an ‘outdoorsy’ feel all year round and that can be installed with minimal disruption.

* Rotating Roof Slats
* Sliding Glass Doors
* Lockable Option
* Can be Retro-Fitted

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